December 16, 2021

ATHEMON (Brasil/UK) Signs To WormHoleDeath Records and Release New Lyric Video,


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ATHEMON, a duo featuring Tom MacLean (bassist / producer, TO-MERA, ex-HAKEN) and Adriano Ribeiro (vocalist / guitarist) are treating fans with a new lyric video for the track “The Glass Hindered Us”, which is off their self-titled album. “With a strong chorus, “The Glass Hindered Us” is the sequel to the song “Whispers”. Our character is yet beginning his self-journey across the music and what he realizes about himself is still blurry. It’s about the replacement of whispers by the observation of the image itself, but still in the form of two ghosts. Where there is an observer, there is another in observation. Two voices, one individual. In the end, our character realizes that he is the ghost,” adds Adriano Ribeiro. In additional news, ATHEMON is excited to announce their signing to WormHoleDeath Records for a worldwide distribution deal of their debut full-length, released earlier this year on October 11th. The band comments: “We are thrilled to announce that we have been offered a worldwide distribution deal of our self-titled debut album with WormholeDeath Records. We were immediately impressed with label boss Carlo’s passion, vision, professionalism and attention to detail, and had little hesitation in signing on the dotted line. We look forward to working with the WormholeDeath team and we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.” READ MORE