December 20, 2021

Mephisto return to screen with their brand new video “Storming War Anthems”


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PREPAREFOR WAR! Mephisto return to screen with the launch of their latest music video, “Storming War Anthems”. Exquisitely crafted, this video combines real life characters and cutting edge digital animation, delivered in such a flawless way as to send the viewer on a mystical journey into the depths of war. The power of the visual representations displayed within this clip are further enhanced by the brutally aggressive vocals of Frontman Osney Cardoso, the frantic guitar solos by both Fabian and Kevin and the disciplined rhythmic drumming delivered at pace by David L Neives aka Poppy. The track does not let up in both precision and power as Mephisto invite you into their corrupted fantasy world where evil prevails and virgin souls are simply cannon fodder for the always present, ever turning war between the ancient forces of the underworld and mankind. READ MORE