January 19, 2022

FIRPO CHOMPEAVY (Italy/Uk) Sign With Wormholedeath , Announce New Album & Share First Single!


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Italian Experimental Metal/Stoner combo FIRPO CHOMPEAVY have signed a licensing deal with Wormholedeath Records for their debut album “Smoking 45″, due for release on March 18th, 2022 worldwide. Signing statement: FIRPO CHOMPEAVY are proud to announce that they invaded the Titans Lab studio to record their first album “Smoking 45” and forced Wormholedeath Records to release it in early 2022. About “Smoking 45″ Firpo Chompeavy will release their first album, “Smoking 45,” in 2022 through Wormholedeath Records. There are 11 songs on this album. Stoner, psychedelic, hardcore, and metal are all represented in the tracks. The band has developed its own style, with a powerful sound and sophisticated riffs. The lyrics are poems about inner demons, inner battles, and pain. FIRPO CHOMPEAVY is the result of all of this misery, fury, and tragicomic. READ MORE