March 2, 2022

Norwegian Death Metallers NOXIUM FERUS Drop New Single & Video “Dickslapped by the Devil”


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Norwegian Irriverent Death Metallers Noxium Ferus’ first offensive audio attack is the single called “Dickslapped by the Devil”. This song is inspired by true events, unmentionable ones. It also presents the comeback of guest artist Jontho Panthera, Ragnarok’s drummer and leader, after more than 5 years away from the drumkit due to injuries. Jontho shares his lifetime of extreme-metal drumming experience with Noxium Ferus, to fulfill this wicked and twisted track. He also shares the mic with Espen on the last verse, adding demonic screams to the dark growls of Espen. Get ready- to be dickslapped by the Devil! “Dickslapped by the Devil” was composed by Steinar Aven (guitar and bass), all lyrical and vocal arrangements by Espen Viking Dyngen, Guitars by Torgeir ‘Alvakien’ Espedal, and drums plus guest vocals by Jontho Panthera of True Norwegian blackmetal icons- Ragnarok . Mixed, mastered and produced by Martin Gravdal. “Dickslapped by the Devil” is a track taken from the upcoming album BLASPHEMICON, due for release via Wormholedeath worldwide. More info coming soon!