April 20, 2022

MARA “Embers of Hades” Single


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Swedish Misty Death Metal band Mara are back with their new single “Embers of Hades” , out via Wormholedeath worldwide. The band speaking of the track: We really tried to do something different this time, we headed into the studio with no prewritten material with the intention of writing and recording this single as close to how it sounded when we jammed it as possible. The result is a heavy yet melodic song full of emotions and a slight nod towards some of our commin influences. The lyrics of the song is centered around ones journey through the afterlife as a ember among many other embers in the great fires of Hades. Mara: Misty Metal from the frozen shores of Sweden, fusing the sounds of misanthropy and spirituality. Our goal is to deliver hard hitting riffs, innovative song structures and an rebellious attitude to modern music. inspiration is drawn from the state of the world and what the astronomical and cosmic currents are telling us. STREAM SINGLE HERE