May 13, 2022

MASQUE OF ART Release New Single “Heaven Can Wait”


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“Heaven Can Wait” is the second single taken from Masque of Art upcoming album “Masquerade”. More info coming soon! READ MORE Stream or Buy single HERE

By the end of 2016 guitar player and songwriter Jörgen J Andersson presented his thoughts of launching a recording project to drummer Peter Lundgren and singer Michael Storck. Jörgen had at that time finished a song writing period and felt that it was time to gather the right musicians and make an album. Peter and Michael wasn´t late to join and the three started to look for musicians to record with.Guitar player Jörgen Svensson, bass player Nalle Påhlsson and keyboard player Mathias Norberg was brought in during 2017. Soon the decision to form a band rather than just having a recording project was taken. All of the band members love to play music influenced by the great rock bands from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s simply because that is what formed them musically. The pre-production process and recording sessions had to be spread over an extended time period because of the quite heavy schedules and commitments the musicians already had. Once finding the right engineer for the mixing of the album, the mixing process had also to be completed during an extended time period for the very same reasons as for spreading the recording sessions. The album was originally planned to be released during 2020 but due to the pandemic, decision to postpone the release was taken. The band members are thrilled that the album finally will be released and are looking forward to performing live.