About Us

Wormholedeath is a record label, publishing and film production company born 10 years ago.
The label is distributed worldwide by AURAL MUSIC GROUP, its publishing division is administered by WARNER / CHAPPELL MUSIC HOLLAND BV through a worldwide deal, and digital distribution / marketing is managed by the american corporation THE ORCHARD INC (Sony Music Ent.) worldwide.

Among many critically acclaimed releases (more than 250 albums) WHD signed bands such as The Way Of Purity, The Shiver, Irdorath, Sarea, Rainover, Phaze I (Featuring Soilwork/Megadeth Drummer Dirk Verbeuren) and discovered successful newcomers like Mechanical God Creation, Crysalys, Chugger, Shadowdream, Astray Valley, Lamori, Final Coil  among the others.

During the year 2010 WHD produced the new film from fetish queen SUSI MEDUSA GOTTARDI (Private / Showtime) called “A passage through the purity of pain”.

Publishing artists include Cadaveria (Scarlet Records), Devilish Impressions (Lifeforce Records), Flames At Sunrise to name a few.  Furthermore the label signed japanese legends Youthquake (Featuring X-Japan Members) and important deals were inked in Japan with labels such as Shinko Music Group, Rubicon Music, Media Factory during these years. These deals led WHD to open its office in Tokyo / Japan operated by label manager Masahiko Kishimoto. During 2015 Wormholedeath inked a deal with norwegian label manager Thomas Hansen (known for being the guitar player of cult black metal band Ragnarok) to start its nordic office in Fredrikstad (Norway). During 2020 the label expaded operation in South America (Hellion Records) and Australia (MGM/The Planet Company).

Wormholedeath is owner of OPERA CORE which pioneered the “Opera Core” sound imprint through its successful vision.

Since a few years Wormholedeath started working with Overdub Recordings (indie rock label) and Too Loud Records (Punk / Hardcore / PostRock Label) to distribute/produce non-metal releases. Furthermore WHD co-released a few albums with Serbian label Grom Records.

Wormholedeath is mainly focused on Modern Metal, Hardcore, Mainstream / alternative metal and Heavy Rock.

You can reach the label’s management at this email: worm@wormholedeath.com

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As a company, Wormholedeath, works with careful threatment of the environment, and fights against animal abuse and exploitment.