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“My Desires Fault” Music Video

“Meteor” [Lyric Video]

“Pages” Stream Album HERE

“Burn With Me” Album Out buy links

“Reborn Immortal” Single – buy links

Losing You Stream Single HERE

FIRST BORN Stream Single Here

Playing With Fire Stream The Single HERE

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The Criticizer Post Metal / Blackgaze / Progressive / Djent blended outfit BIPOLAR ARCHITECTURE release their second single “The Criticizer” taken from the upcoming self-titled full length album due to be released on September this year. Check  More...


“City On Fire” – Single Spotify HERE

“Shout it out” – Single Spotify HERE

“Pentafixion” – Single Spotify HERE

March 26, 2021

BORN TO DIE – Single Spotify Here  

“A Wretched Vow” – Single Spotify: HERE Video: HERE

“Closer” EP Available On All Digital Platforms HERE




March 10, 2021


February 9, 2021

TEAR ME TO SHREDS (Single)   Spotify HERE

February 9, 2021

One Reason Spotify HERE

February 5, 2021

Grown Apart

The Widow Black (Single)   Stream or buy:

A Swarm of Illusions (Single) Stream or buy:

February 5, 2021

FROZEN stream or buy:

Dystopia is the Reality Stream or buy:

“From there to oblivion” Spotify HERE


November 24, 2020


Brand New Disorder Spotify HERE





We Refused To Hear Them (Single) Spotify: HERE iTunes: HERE

One Day I Fall Video: HERE iTunes: HERE

“SHOKO” Video: HERE iTunes: HERE

Pleasure & Pain Video: HERE iTunes: HERE

September 19, 2019

EMPTY CHURCH (Single) Spotify HERE iTunes HERE

September 19, 2019

Inside Out (Single) Spotify: HERE iTunes HERE  

September 19, 2019

Escape the time (single) Spotify HERE iTunes HERE

Spectral Spotify HERE iTunes HERE Video: HERE

September 19, 2019

An Angel By Your Side (Single) Spotify HERE iTunes HERE

September 19, 2019

Born To Lose (Single) Spotify HERE iTunes HERE

September 19, 2019

The Darkest Hour Spotify HERE iTunes HERE

When We Are Forgotten (Digital Single) Spotify: HERE iTunes: HERE

Los Angeles Format: Digital Single Style: Experimental Metal Spotify: Here iTunes: Here

October 12, 2018

WHISPERS OF CALLIOPE A beautiful collection of classic rock songs re-arranged and performed with personal, intense, emotional and heartfelt approach by greek cult band INK. Format: Digital Album 1.Sober 2.In a Manner of Speaking 3.First We Take Manhattan  More...

“Shockwaves of the countdown” Digital Single Buy on itunes: HERE Video: HERE

“Gloomy Sunday” Digital Single Buy on itunes: HERE Stream Song: HERE

“Fly far away” Digital Single Buy on itunes: HERE VIDEO: HERE

“Nuclear Strike Warning” Digital EP Buy on itunes: HERE VIDEO: HERE

“Anthropocenia” Digital EP Buy on itunes: HERE VIDEO: HERE

“My Sacrifice” Digital EP Buy on itunes: HERE VDEO: HERE

“Northlights” Digital Single Buy on itunes: HERE VIDEO: HERE

“Hurt me with the truth” Digital EP Buy on itunes: HERE VIDEO: HERE

“Singularity” Digital Single Buy on itunes: HERE Video: HERE

“Vivens Mortua” Format: Digital Single Genre: Post Hardcore / Metalcore itunes: Here Video: Here

“Erase” Format: Digital EP Genre: Pop/Rock itunes: Here Video: Here

Standing Alone Style: Metalcore from Iceland Format: Digital Single Official Video itunes AMAZON      

CRIMSON SKY – EP Preview:  

September 14, 2015

Destroying Atropolis Furtherial has founded in 2007 by Başer Çelebi, under the name of Extinction in Istanbul / Turkiye. After recording an underground and self-producted demo in 2008, the band has born into the Turkish metal scene. Although a record ha  More...

Dreaming Stoned Beyond The Morninglight was founded in 2006. ‘Demo Collection’ (2009) Album ‘Liberation’ (2012) ‘Lifelines’ EP (2013) Past members : Andy Amin & Erik D. Martin  More...

Subjects Album reissue featuring a killer bonus track mixed by Chris Donaldson! Bleed Someone Dry began their legacy in 2007 releasing the debut album “The World is Falling in Tragedy” through UK’s indie label UK Division . In May 2012 BSD   More...

September 14, 2015

The Rise of the Nightstalker Melodic black metal band from Belgium. Albums out: Tales of the Fallen – The Rise of the Nightstalker

September 14, 2015

OSR Re-Issue of a classic (Mixed by Kurt Ballou) ! Preview

September 14, 2015

The Shadow Over Arkham Dream rock at the very best!! (Mixed by Daniele Of Vanilla Sky) Re-Issue Preview

Dusk Over The Nations Devastating Post Hard Core! Theconflitto is an hardcore/post hardcore band, born in 2004 in La Spezia (Italy). We have three published works behind: “Burning Karma” (2006), “Kids Die, Music and Protest Don’t K  More...

The Damned Next Door (Know Your Neighbors!!) FEAR… is a strange sensation… it is something that shakes your nerves from the inside out makin’ you yell and scream out… it’s a rush to the soul . As everyone grows and changes through t  More...

September 14, 2015

Beyond the Void of Black Death/Thrash heavy metal master from Japan. The band has 22 years long career. Hide (Japanese Big name visual rock band :X-Japan / guitar ) found the band 1994. They released 4 albums on Extacy Records (Yoshiki / X-Japan drummer   More...

And Choking and Breathing Neuromantik is a project started in 2006. An intense live activity leads them to perform in about a hundred concerts all over Italy including openings to band like These New Puritans, Luci della Centrale Elettrica e Neon. In addi  More...

Different Ways of Feeling Pain The band was formed by Timur Matteucci Utiaganov (Lead Guitar), Simone Santucci (Lead Guitar) and Marco Nicastro (Bass) in Janury 2009; after some changes in the line-up the band found the stability with the add of Eric Arre  More...

September 14, 2015

This Is the Time Leaves is a band from Barcelona that plays music with powerful guitar lines, a good rhythm section and a melodic female voice, being difficult to sort it out in a concrete style. The band has managed to have their own sound: Powerful and   More...

September 14, 2015

Uprising Phaze I is the violent brainchild of David Potvin (Lyzanxia), who has joined forces with his usual partner in crime, brother Franck Potvin (Lyzanxia) and friend Dirk Verbeuren (Scarve, Soilwork), to unleash another level of extreme metal brutalit  More...

Zer(0) Other Eyes Wise (or OEW) are a London based prog mathy grunge metal band (or munge band, if you prefer). Formed in 2010 the band is ready to release there debut album of tunes,noise, fun and disaster on your ears early in 2013. Then these lunes are  More...

I the King Seal of Solomon is a Turkish Melodic Death Metal band that was formed in Istanbul by Can Berk Öcalir in 2009 by the name “Unfurling”. While Can Berk Öcalir (N’efraim) was continuing his vocal duty on Aggregate Pain, the Seal  More...

Through the Eyes of a Glorious Raven A.o.S a.k.a Anthem of Sickness, it’s basically the best description of the intentions of the band. Making an anthem to the sickness, without hope, without faith, without a guideline. Nihilism in form of music. The pr  More...

The Hero Clone Hailing from the alternative/metal scene in London UK, progressive metal four piece Sleeper Effect came to life when lead singer Adam broke his leg on the set of a zombie film. Laid up at home with a leg cast Adam picked up the guitar and s  More...

Um This sonick psychosis is a voyage to the deepest disturbances of mentally tortured mind – the mind of a schizophrenic. Therefore, this opus will be described as Psychotic Jazz! Composed, recorded, produced and post-produced by Magister Nocturnal   More...

September 14, 2015

River Blackwater are a modern hard rock band with previous touring merits in EU and US within the band including: Shinedown, Black Stone Cherry, Halestorm, Alter Bridge, Tremonti, Thin Lizzy, Takida, Staind and more. Blackwater firmly believe in the philo  More...

The Winter War Symphony Frostbitten Kingdom was formed in Turku, southwestern Finland, during the summer of 2004 in purpose to create grim mix of melodic black and brutal death metal. Strongly influenced by acts like Dissection and Immortal, the sound end  More...

September 14, 2015

Un Mondo Infinito Incredible new album from Furtherial! Preview

September 14, 2015

Dark Dark has started it’s journey into the abyss of gothrock. With great experience and songwriting talents given by the demons the material practically wrote itself. Dark consists of ex-members from the gothic metal band Beseech, hard rock band The Ma  More...