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January 15, 2018

Internal Waves of Love CD: Here Digital: Buy from iTunes Preview: Here  

Misanthrophy Never Fails CD: Here Digital: Buy on iTunes Preview: Here

Lunatio (EP) CD: Here Digital: Buy on iTunes Preview: Here

January 15, 2018

DESTINED FOR DEATH CD: Buy Here Digital: Buy On iTunes Preview: Here

Raging Light CD: Buy Here Preview: Here

XIII CD: Buy Here Digital: Buy on iTunes Preview: Here    

DECEPTION CD: Buy Here Digital: Buy from itunes Preview: Here Produced by Jonathan Mazzeo, Mixed and mastered by Chris Donaldson  

“Vivens Mortua” Format: Digital Single Genre: Post Hardcore / Metalcore itunes: Here Video: Here

“Burn Out” format: CD / Digital Style: Experimental Punk CD: Here Video: Here itunes: Here

“Erase” Format: Digital EP Genre: Pop/Rock itunes: Here Video: Here

October 23, 2017

“A Warm Place to Stay” format: CD / Digital Style: Gothic Metal itunes: Here CD: Aural Music Video: Here

“Into The Marinesnow” format: CD / Digital Style: Melodic Death Metal itunes: Here CD: Here Video: Here    

October 23, 2017

“Reflections” Format: CD / Digital Style: Hard Rock itunes: Here CD: Here Video: Here

“Denial of Creation” Format: CD / Digital Style: Blackened Thrash Metal itunes: Here CD: Aural Music Video: Here

“Barriers Fall” Format: Digital / CD (Coming Soon) Style: Progressive / Melodic Metal Itunes: Here Spotify: Here CD: TBA via AURAL MUSIC Video: Here

“Demonic Excrements Cursed with Life” Format: CD / Digital Style: Black Metal Punk itunes: Here CD: Aural Music Video: Here

“Ashbled Shores” Format: CD / Digital Style: Melodic Death Metal itunes: Here CD: Aural Music Video: Here

October 23, 2017

“The Dark Side…” format: CD / Digital Style: Symphonic Metal itunes: Here CD: Aural Music Video: Here    

“Anticipatterns” Format: Digital Style: Death Metal itunes: Here Video: Here

“Persistence of Memory” Format: CD / Digital Style: Alternative Metal itunes: Here Spotify: Here CD: Aural Music Video: Here

“Singularity” Format: Digital Single Genre: Metalcore itunes: Here Video: Here

New Era Format: CD / Digital Style: Opera Core / Symphonic Gothic Metal Video: Here itunes: Here Cd: Aural Music

Of Gods And Heroes Format: By CD / Digital (buy from itunes) Style: Epic Doom Metal Founded by former Pagan Altar guitarist Vince Hempstead, Desolate Pathway is a UK based Epic Traditional Doom band who’s lyrics tell fantasy and myth based stories  More...

“Black At Heart” Format: CD (Buy Here) Video: Here Info: SAREA is determined to provide the world with heavy music and inspiration, leaving no one unaffected by their massive sound rising on the worldwide metalscene. SAREA was formed with the   More...

Societal Arcade format: CD / Digital Style: Modern Metal Video Here Buy Cd Here itunes

The Path of Souls Format: CD / Digital Style: Death / Trash Metal Video Here Buy Cd Here itunes  

Hybris Format: CD / Digital Style: Symphonic Progressive Metal Video Here Buy CD Here itunes Here  

Standing Alone Style: Metalcore from Iceland Format: Digital Single Official Video itunes AMAZON      

February 23, 2017

Seities formato: CD / Digital Stile: Hardcore Video Buy CD itunes – Digital Download – 20th January (The Orchard) – Europe – 27th January (Aural Music) – Japan – 22th February (WormHoleDeath Japan/DISK UNION MUSIC DISTR  More...

Stalactites format: CD / Digital style: Gothic Rock Video Buy Cd itunes

No Blood No Glory format: CD / Digital Style: Viking Folk Metal Video Buy Cd itunes

February 23, 2017

Answers format: CD n/ Digital Style: Metalcore Metalcore from Norway Video Buy Cd itunes    

On The Edge Of Tomorrow format: CD / Digital Style: Heavy Metal A hard and heavy metal band with a combination of stadium choruses and heavy guitar riffs. strong melodies, impulsive drums and groovy bass lines, mixed with progressive sound elements. Video  More...

February 23, 2017

Shaping The Soul format: CD / Digital Style: Folk metal Ithilien is a Belgian metal band playing a combination of traditional Belgian (Folk) music, played with Flemish bagpipes, a hurdy gurdy, whistles and a bouzouki; and a modern metal genre (Death Metal  More...

November 23, 2016

“AUM CORRUPTED” Imagine the fury, the fury of raging planet expressed in such dark art as metal. Specifically extreme metal. Now add to that layers of symphonic orchestra, with its richness and diversity of sounds. Lastly atop of this combo ri  More...

WORLD CRASHES DOWN Norwegian Hardcore Monsters Video: Click Here Buy CD: Click Here Buy Itunes: Click Here

November 23, 2016

“FROM ASHES” EP We are proud to announce that Atropas’ EP “From Ashes” will be out worldwide on all major digital stores on December the 2nd via Wormholedeath/The Orchard. To celebrate this event the band has released a lyrics video of t  More...

September 2, 2016

BORUBAY “The band’s music is mostly composed of atmospheric Doom Metal melodies, but with addition of folk instruments, giving the album a very colorful and rich ethnic texture.” “…different from all the Folk music we are used to  More...

The Sunsettler’s Motel Preview: Purchase: iTunes

Hymn For The Fallen Official Video: Purchase: iTunes

Phase One Preview: Purchase:

CRIMSON SKY – EP Preview:  

Regret Is For The Dead Official Video: Purchase: iTunes

When Fire Engulfs The Earth


Break The Chain

Fall Of The Seventh Golden Star

To Die Once Again      

January 21, 2016

Voices From The Ocean “Storm” “Endless Ocean” “The Abyss Of Knowledge” “July Rain” “Bleeding Path” “Son Of The Moon (A Moon Tale – Part VI)” “Farthest Dream” “Last Chant” Preview: Click Here Release Dates: Eu/Usa: 20/  More...

Drownwards Stielas Storhett Stated: “2009… the birth, 2013… the recording, 2015… the release of the new album of STIELAS STORHETT – DROWNWARDS. As a rule it takes from few months to years ’till the recordings turn out to be a release. That’s  More...

September 2, 2015


September 2, 2015

Episodes Of Solitude

Step Into Darkness Format: CD and Digital Info: Dark Gothic Metal from Croatia. For fans of bands such as Moonspell, Paradise Lost, Crematory, Graveworm, Tristania, Dawn Of Relic, Trail Of Tears… Preview:

Chapters Format: CD and Digital Style: Progressive Metal Info: Stellar Progressive Metal from UK, check this amazing 10/10 review from Metal temple: Preview: https://ww  More...

Rage And Fire Format: CD and Digital Style: Heavy Metal Info: Superb Classic Heavy Metal from Norway, check the 8/10 review from Metal Temple: “The Norwegian band GUARDIANS OF TIME was formed in late 90’s, in the superb southern town of Kristiansa  More...

Time Will Reveal Format: CD and Digital Style: Death Metal Info: Melodic Death Metal with various influences from Slovakia, check this 10/10 review from Metal Temple: “REVEALING THE CONSCIENCE play a mix of Melodic Death, Power and Black Metal and t  More...

Black President Format: CD and Digital Style: Sleazy Thrash Glam metal from Finland In 2011, the Finnish Thrash/Sleaze metal band, Tornado, released their debut album “Amsterdam Helsinki” which received nice reviews. Later, things have changed  More...

Rot Format: Cd and Digital Style: Thrash Core SANCTRUM is a force of nature leaving you breathless, gasping for air. SANCTRUM’s intense live shows prove that they truly are the new breed and a force to be reckoned with. Produced by Lawrence Mackrory  More...

 Light of the Fallen Gods Format: Digipack Cd and Digital Style: Technical Melodic Death Metal From France, Right To The Void is inspired by many different music styles. From death to thrash through Swedish metal, the band plays a modern, incisive and me  More...

Trascending the Blue and Drifting into Rebirth Format: CD and Digital Style: Gothic Rock The music of RAINOVER consists of grey, intense, and emotional dream-rock with a modern approach to both composition and sound and still with a dark edge: a story of   More...

 Dark Waves Format: CD and Digital Style: Epic Modern Metal FROM EARTH is a brutal music collective from the Netherlands formed in 2012, defining darkness, melancholy and extreme heaviness in its own way. FROM EARTH just released their debut album “Dar  More...

 Brave Dreams Format: CD and Digital Style: Symphonic Gothic Metal Symphonic gothic metal from italy. Fresh, booming and simply triumphant Elegy of Madness understand what it is to create female fronted symphonic metal and pull it off with aplomb. Anja i  More...

Afterlife Format: CD and Digital Style: Thrash Metal Straight from the heart and right in your face! With unique contact with the audience and a great atmosphere, makes Dienamics live shows super energetic and intense. Dienamic saw daylight in 2010, and h  More...

FALL OF THE IDOLS Format: CD and Digital Style: Dark Death Metal Symphonic orchestrations, dark piano sections, eerie and powerful post-industrial –style synthesizers, technical and rhythmical death metal. The result is aggressive, complex and rich on o  More...