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Release Date: August 5, 2015


Black President

Format: CD and Digital

Style: Sleazy Thrash Glam metal from Finland

In 2011, the Finnish Thrash/Sleaze metal band, Tornado, released their debut album “Amsterdam Helsinki” which received nice reviews. Later, things have changed within the band with a new line-up and this year Tornado release their second album entitled “Black President” on the Italian record label WormHoleDeath. Superstar Joey Severance is the only founding member remaining in the band, along with Tim Damion and Tommy Shred (guitar), Henry Steel (bass) and Niko McNasty (drums). This band has a very unique style, Superstar Joey Severance’s voice is special indeed, the main lyrical themes are focused on hatred and society and obviously this album transmits a message about the world we live in: how people and society are, with so much hate and so on. Fans of Thrash and Sleaze metal would like this band and their new album, so they should at least try it!