Jamie-Lee – Lead Singer
Yohann – Guitarist + vocals
Anthony – Guitarist
Polak – Bass
Laurent – Drum

2007 – At age 14, Jamie-Lee wrote the basic story of Azylya: the misadventures of a young girl abused by her father who, to avoid scandal, abandoned her in an insane and isolated asylyum. In this kind of place, there is only one philosophy, survive: to survive the abuse, the electroshocks, the violence, the bloody revolutions, the caregivers, the doctors and the exorcists monks.

2009 – In Brussels, the project leaves its cartons, Azylya is born.

2010 – The musicians of the first line-up composed several titles, and in late September-early October, recorded at Studio Molière (Brussels) on the first EP titled “Thanatos’ Insanity”. The first concert of the group takes place in Oostende (BE) in December.

2011 – In changing, the group multiplies its concerts and plays on prestigious metal stages such as Molodoï (Strasbourg / FR), the Biebob (Vosselaar / BE) or Scène Bastille (Paris / FR).

2012 – Now numbering Jamie-Lee and Anthony (members of the first line-up) which were added Polak, Yohann and Laurent, the group offers a symphonic metal, sometimes film, accented with touches of death where the angelic voice of the singer and the various instruments combine to create a dark atmosphere of suffering and sad sweetness.

In February, the band signed to the label Wormhole Death / Aural Music and recorded in March in the studios Realsound in Italy its first full album entitled “Sweet Cerebral Destruction”.

In April, Azylya participated The PPM Fest in Mons, one of the rendes must-see shows of metal in Belgium, where occurred this year bands like Epica, Sonata Artica, Accept or Blind Guardian.

2012, The first album ” Sweet Cerebral Destruction” will be out in december.

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