Bleeding Utopia – Demons to some Gods to others (out: TBA)
Henrik Wenngren – Vocals
Andreas Morén – Guitar
Joakim Bergros – Guitar
David Ahlén – Bass
Lawrence dinamarca – drums

Started as a side project in 2003 by Andreas Moren
( ex Dead Awaken, ex Astral Carneval)
In the summer of 2009 Andreas decided to take it further, to take it from project to a 110% band.
He asked his old friends and drummer Lawrence Dinamarca (ex Astral Carneval, Loch Vostok),
Henrik Wenngren (ex Vicious, ex Skyfire),
… David Ahlén and Joakim Bergros to join to band and BLEEDING UTOPIA was born.
BU made a 4 song promo in june 2010 and got great reviews and many gigs.
In the winter 2010/2011 a full album was planed and about to be recorded.
The album that includes 10 songs and have the name
“Demons to some Gods to others” was recorded, mixed and mastered in September 2011. The mixing and mastering part was taken care of by Jocke Skog at FAL Studio in Stockholm.
The photos and manipulation for the album was made by Emma Moren ,, and the artwork was made by Henrik Englund at H.E.W Designs.