CRYSALYS | “The Awakening of Gaia” (2011)

Chiara Malvestiti – VOCALS

Fabio Amurri – KEYBOARD

Lorenzo Marcelloni – GUITAR

Giuseppe Cardinali – BASS

Alessandro Camela – DRUMS

The end or the beginning, according to your own point of view, will come under the hits of the loyal first-borns, the ELEMENTS. Mankind, deceiving itself to pave the way for its own future and choosing for Mother Earth’s destiny, will turn back to dust to become food for a new flourishing nature. The innocence of a little child, ANGELICA, will quench the Mother’s thirst for revenge and purification, and show her that a sparkle of hope and uniqueness is still left in mankind.Eventually men, following their own nature, will certainly miss this new opportunity, and will perpetrate injustice and destruction caused by their greed and their intrinsic need for power and control. However, all these events will make sense if, as a sprouting seed, man will grow the awareness of the beauty of this world, of all the creatures and entities living on the surface and in the depths of the planet. Sometimes we feel attracted by these entities and we even get in touch with them.The Earth itself is a living being and it is even more alive than we all are.

CRYSALYS | “The Awakening of Gaia” | Official Video 
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