Janne – Guitar

Mikko – Drums

Kettu – Guitar

Ipe – Bass

Eki – Vocals


You don’t see make up on these faces. Fuck the small talk, there’s already too much bullshit in the world already. Dark and harsh winters of northern Finland have molded these characters to the rude extreme, leaving the edges rough and unsettled. Unsophisticated straightforwardness with the attitude of a nuclear bomb, Haterial delivers its message through its music. Doing things their uncompromising way, like a kick in the stomach, Haterial is speaking out their minds when they want to if they want to. Just try to go little deeper and these fellows are laughing their vodka soaked asses off at your expense. Love ‘em or hate ‘em it’s your choice, but bear in mind that given the odds Haterial probably hates you already. Your late, so let the music do the talking.

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