THECONFLITTO | “Dusk Over The Nations(2011)

Diego: drums / percussions / vocals

Luca: guitars / vocals / synths

Luca: bass / vocals

Paolo: lead vocals

Theconflitto is an hardcore/post hardcore band, born in 2004 in La Spezia [Italy]. We have two ep behind, both self-produced: “Burning Karma” (2006) and “Kids Die, Music and Protest Don’t Kill” (2008). In 2011 we released our first Full-lenght album “Dusk Over The Nations”: the debut album contains 11 tracks about our hardcore interpretation influenced by many genres, with grindcore fragments, instrumental rest of reflections, rock’n’roll additions, sludge/noise dilatations and punk hardcore attitude. The lyrics are about social and political themes which sometimes are expressed in a critical-direct way and other times in a more introspective and human mood. Theconflitto are antifa and have not a god.

THECONFLITTO | “Disinformatjia” | Official Video