Xenosis CD
OF CHAOS AND TURMOIL (January 28th, 2013)

Bass & Vocals – Ryan Denning
Guitars – Dean Slaney
Guitars – Jules Maas-Palmer
Drums – Ross Mitchell

Xenosis are a 4 piece Progressive Death Metal band from Cornwall, UK formed in December 2009.

Xenosis have strived to create an original sound; taking influence from many genres, including jazz, world music, groove and prog, with death metal at the forefront. Crossing strange time signatures with melodic interludes and destructive riffs, it has resulted in a sound that is attracting fans from all aspects of the metal community and beyond.

In August 2011 Xenosis had the pleasure of signing to record label Wormhole Death/ Aural Music, and in January 2012 Xenosis recorded and mixed their debut full feature album with Jonathon Mazzeo of Mathlab Studios and the mastering done by Christian Donaldson of Cryptopsy.

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