October 1, 2021

ESTRIVER (Italy) Sign With Wormholedeath & Announce “Outcry”


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Italian Hard Rock band ESTRIVER have signed with Wormholedeath a licensing deal for their new album “Outcry”, due for release on 10 12 2021. Estriver deliver the finest hard rock with metal and progressive influences! Estriver were born in 2019 as a natural evolution of the project Bluerose.
The band is based in Trieste, in the far North-East of Italy and heart of Europe, where different cultures have crossed and merged into each other for centuries. The revolution act of Estriver is pushing the canons of hard rock music toward metal and progressive influences. In this process, each member of the group has been encouraged to express his creativity and bring his own experience as a unique artist. The outcome is OUTCRY, an album that put together different backgrounds, styles and ideas of every single member. Ideally, OUTCRY is the last chapter of the trilogy started by Bluerose with the albums “Fallen From Heaven” e “Darkness and Light”. On the other hand, it represents a more intimate addition to the whole work. Thanks also to Piero Pattay’s powerful voice and performing talent that give even more introspective strength to the new lyrics. Through its narrator, the band explores different topics, such as disillusionment about human relations (seen just as mutual abuse) and rejection of a materialistic conception of life (as inevitable reason for the environment destruction and conflicts among people). But most of all, Estriver hope for an elevation of the human race to a higher level of knowledge and consciousness. READ MORE