October 4, 2021

Helsinki Street Rockers PLASTIC TEARS Drop New Video “Doomsday Girls”


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Doomsday Girls is taken from the critically acclaimed ‘Anthems For Misfits’ album that was released earlier this year through Wormholedeath Records. It’s clear from the first beats of the song and video that you’re in for an energetic and fun rock’n’roll burst. Friday-Saturday-Sunday-Doomsday! The track is a fast rock’n’roller with a punky tongue in cheek attitude. Of the album’s diverse songs this is the one you want to choose if you’re having a party or want to get in a good mood! The video was edited by Eco Inkinen and shot at Suvilahti skatepark and Hietaniemi cemetery in Helsinki. These two surroundings contrast each other well and Elina Laine does an excellent job as the doomsday girl. READ MORE