November 19, 2021

ATROX TRAUMA (Hungary) Sign With Wormholedeath & Announce New Album “On The Line Of Nothing And Something”


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Hailing from Hungary, modern Thrash-Death metal combo ATROX TRAUMA have signed with Wormholedeath a licensing deal for their album “On The Line Of Nothing And Something” which is due for release on January the 28th, 2022. ATROX TRAUMA is a band that carries on the legacy of Slayer, early Sepultura, or just Exodus ! Band Statement: “Finally the time has come to announce the first Atrox Trauma LP, called On The Line Of Nothing And Something. We are fucking excited because we have found our partner, Wormholedeath who will release and distribute it all around the world both in digital and physical form. It contains 12 songs. We have been waiting for a long time to unleash our music to the World. And here is our first song from the album: Vanity!!!” WHD A&R Carlo: “When I got in touch with Atrox Trauma I was impressed by their professional approach. The professional presentation and image made me listen to their music immediately which, as expected, has blown me away. Powerful sound, great riffs, Epic atmospheres and incendiary vocals are the recipe that has made the album “On the Line of Nothing and Something” a great piece of modern thrash/death. We are honored to be able to release this awesome record and to support this great band. We will be an effective team together and we will make your heads turn towards Atrox Trauma…That’s our mission: spread their devastating music all over the world!” READ MORE