October 19, 2022

lack Metal Discovery CHAOIST Drop “Maeditation II” (Lyric Video)


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“Maeditation II” is a track taken from CHAOIST’s EP “Annul”, due for release on October 28th, 2022 via Wormholedeath. Chaoist speaking about “Maeditation II”: “4 years have passed since the last utterance, once cloaked in that which was called Joys of Life. Its disruptive shrieks now break the stillness in negation, revealing, “Anull”, a fourfold gaze both inward and outward, mirroring one final glance at that which was, and also as Gates opening to that which is yet to come.” About Annul EP: This EP is something entirely special, that’s what this record is – It’s the last breath of a dying man – It’s raw, it’s shaky, it’s imperfect, but to witness it, through all that, erupting in a seemingly final moment of focus, there is something incredibly beautiful. “