December 7, 2022

US Vintage Metal /Hard Rockers THE GHOST OF FU KANG WALKER Drops “Out of Body Experience” (Lyric Music Video)


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“Out of Body Experience” is a track taken from The Ghost of Fu Kang Walker’s self-titled EP, due for release on December 2nd, 2022 via Wormholedeath. The debut EP features 5 hard-hitting songs that have been described by some as “Middle-Earth metal”, with lyrics that venture into territory inhabited by dragons, dwarves, fire, and death cults. Ultra-fuzzy bass riffs and complimentary dual guitars lend to the band’s “old-school stoner sound”, while there are elements of nonconformity that break this band out of any one genre. From kids who are just getting hip to Clutch, to their grandparents who swear by Thin Lizzy, there’s something for everyone here.”