January 3, 2023

Prey For Nothing To Support PESTILENCE in Tel AVIV


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Israeli Technical Death Metal Heroes will support Dutch Technical Death Metal legends Pestilence in Tel Aviv. Event and tickets HERE.

The Sword Devours’ is a song depicting the history of the Hebrew and Jewish people, but not in the warm light of tradition but the echoes of war and death. We, the Jewish people, like to think of ourselves as ‘People of the holy book’, who abhor violence and promote peace since the days of Jacob and Josef – but this isn’t the entire picture. Our true history is filled with warfare and bloodshed, from ancient times to modern ones. The biblical phrase, “Shall the Sword Devours Forever?” (Samuel 2, 2:26) is spoken by Abner before he was executed for treason against the house of King David. And it rings till this day. We cannot claim to strive for peace with implements of war. If we won’t stop the endless cycle of violence – no one will. And this is the lesson we, one of the oldest people in the world, can easily say we take many pains to learn for all nations out there. War is never the answer. Violence is never the answer. War will not bring peace. Don’t let those swords devour us all. ‘The Sword Devours’ is taken from Kivshan – Furnace in Hebrew – and it is one of our most ambitious songs yet, both musically, lyrically and thematically. We hope you’ll enjoy it!