February 17, 2023

Don’t Miss Little Pig’s explosive “27” Music Video


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Little Pig, the alternative heavy rock grunge trio from Milan, is proud to announce the release of their official music video for the song “27”. The video is a powerful visual representation of the band’s unique sound and style. “27” is a track from Little Pig’s self-titled album, which is available for purchase and streaming in digital format and on CD via Wormholedeath. The album, which features themes of love, damnation, addiction, and salvation, showcases the band’s diverse influences, including Alternative Rock, Grunge, and Nu Metal. Formed by Agos (guitar and vocals), Mago (drums), and Alessio (vocals and bass), Little Pig is a band that is serious about their music while not taking themselves too seriously. The band’s unique sound is a result of the members’ shared musical influences and personal experiences.