March 28, 2023

Finnish Female-Fronted Heavy Metal Band Ratbreed Releases New Single “Under Fire”


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Finnish heavy metal band Ratbreed has released their second single “Under Fire,” accompanied by a lyric video via Wormholedeath Records. The band’s new album is set to be released soon, which will be the follow-up to their debut album “Evoke The Blaze” which was released back in 2018. Ratbreed is known for its unique heavy metal sound, and “Under Fire” is no exception. Produced and recorded by the band themselves, the mixing and mastering were taken care of by Juho Räihä (Swallow The Sun, Wolfheart, etc.) at Soundspiral Audio. The band’s first single “Master Of Deception” was released in September 2022, and it was an instant hit among their fans. The new single “Under Fire” is a perfect example of Ratbreed’s musical prowess, and it features the powerful vocals of Jasmin Anglén, accompanied by the skilled guitar work of Mikko Kaipainen and Fabio de Oliveira. Tatu Nyman on bass and Mikko Toivonen on drums provide a solid backbone to the band’s heavy sound, making for an unforgettable musical experience. The band has also released a lyric video for “Under Fire,” which perfectly captures the intensity of the music and showcases the band’s lyrical prowess. The single cover art was created by Petri Lampela, and the band photo was taken by Mike Sirén. Ratbreed’s discography includes their debut album “Evoke The Blaze” (2018), and several singles including “Gates Of Underworld” (2018), “Hunting High, Reaping Low” (2018), “Master Of Deception” (2022), and their latest release “Under Fire” (2023). They also have two demo releases, “Escape From The Asylum / Mad World” (2016).