April 25, 2023

Extreme Norwegian Metal Vikings :BOLVERK: Announces «Svarte sekunder» Album


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Norwegian extreme metal band :BOLVERK: is thrilled to announce the release of their second album, “Svarte Sekunder,” set to be unleashed on May 26, 2023, through Wormholedeath. Following the success of their debut album, “Uaar,” released just a year ago, “Svarte Sekunder” is a highly anticipated release that promises to take listeners on an unforgettable musical journey. Described as “sad and melodic as Solstafir in one end and as brutal as Marduk in the other,” :BOLVERK:’s music is sure to strike a chord with metalheads worldwide. “Svarte Sekunder” features nine tracks, including eight :BOLVERK: originals and a stunning cover of Jonas Fjeld’s “The Bells are Ringing for You Now.” The album is a true testament to the band’s growth and maturity, as most of the material was written during the same period as their debut album. The album’s title, “Svarte Sekunder,” which means “black seconds” in English, was initially about those moments when one falls over and thinks they are dead. However, it evolved into exploring the concept of thanatosis and how people and animals play dead. and it may even be about those seconds on the album that are actual Black Metal. According to the band, “The title has spun away from us now and lives a life on its own…Anyway, let’s hope you are ready for another dose of EXTREME NORWEGIAN METAL. We are very happy with how the album turned out…let’s hope you are too…” Read More here (See Cover artwork and official Tracklist). 

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