April 11, 2023

Xanxia (USA) Signs with Wormholedeath


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New Jersey-based experimental metal band Xanxia is proud to announce their partnership with Wormholedeath Records for the reissue of their highly acclaimed album “Maha Kalpa” on May 5th, 2023. This will be a new chance for fans of extreme metal music to discover Xanxia’s unique sound. The album tells a universal tale of time and consciousness inspired by the idea of a great cycle of Yugas, originating in Hinduism. Beginning in the golden age and spanning all the way through the decline and destruction of the universe and its eventual resurgence, Xanxia outlines a miraculously complex story of the nature of being. “We are very excited to be releasing our album, Maha Kalpa, through WormHoleDeath Records,” says the band. “We couldn’t ask for a better team to work with to get our music out into the world. Our main goal was to express ourselves musically in the most authentic way possible, and we feel we have done that with this album.” The album was recorded mostly at Xanxia’s home studio, with the exception of the vocals, which were recorded in a studio owned by a close friend of the band. The end result is a collection of crushing rhythms, expressive, dynamic melodies, and dark, unnerving drones and growls, all coming together to form Xanxia’s unique sound. Their music is an ode to authenticity and passion, and their fans appreciate them for that. With “Maha Kalpa”, they have created something that is both unique and inspiring. Xanxia is an experimental metal band consisting of Adam Zuccaro and Jason Mingalone. Their main goal as musicians are to express their passion for music by creating only what comes most naturally to them.