May 24, 2023

Max Enix appointed Head of A&R at Wormholedeath


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We are proud to announce that French eclectic and ultra-talented singer Max Enix is now the new Head of A&R at Wormholedeath. After having signed his licensing deal with Wormholedeath, Max has shown so much interest in the label’s structure and activities, to the point that he visited us to get to know the company’s board face-to-face. He has been driving for 5–6 hours just to meet us. When he offered us his support as a worker, we could not refuse, and we have given him the most important task that has been vacant for a few weeks. From now on, Max will be responsible for signing the new bands and will report directly to Carlo Bellotti and Natascia Pribac. Furthermore, the A&R team is expanding even more with the addition of Carla Predan to the role of A&R. Carla will report directly to Max Enix in the near future. To contact Max, email