June 28, 2023

Gabe Zane – The Youngest American MD – Appointed MD at Wormholedeath America


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We are proud to announce that American journalist, A&R, and composer Gabe Zane is now the new MD at Wormholedeath America. After having worked with Wormholedeath and having interviewed a large number of artists signed to the label, Gabe has shown so much interest in supporting the label. Gabe is able to do so many things: from composing music to website programming, he has distribution and label management experience, he has worked as PR, and much more; therefore, he was the perfect person to take over the task of boss of the American office.

Gabe Zane stated: I have decided to take on the position of manager/director of Wormholedeath USA because I truly believe in this company and its work. There is pride and dedication for good music, treating the talent with respect, and offering opportunities to hard-working artists! I’m very grateful to be here and look forward to what can be done.

From now on, Gabe will be responsible for signing the new bands in the US and will report directly to Carlo Bellotti and Natascia Pribac. Gabe will manage the American team, represent the label in the States, and in the future deal with our partners and distribution. Very soon, a new American website will be launched for the label to celebrate this great event! Stay Tuned!