August 7, 2023

Australian Metal Sensation Carbon Black Unleashes “The One Who Knows My Name” Lyric Video


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Prepare to be captivated by the relentless energy and profound introspection of Carbon Black’s latest release, “The One Who Knows My Name.” This hard-hitting lyric video, accompanied by the band’s dynamic thrash metal sound, offers a gripping exploration of self-identity and the universal quest for connection. “The One Who Knows My Name” delves deep into the depths of the human experience, tackling the influence of societal expectations and the fears that arise during the journey of self-discovery. In a world filled with uncertainty and aimlessness, this powerful track serves as a rallying cry to break free from conformity and embrace an authentic existence, even in the face of fears and the unknown. Carbon Black, known for their iron-clad rhythm section comprising the talented Giles brothers, Steve on drums and Rob on bass guitar, are joined by former Nekrofeist guitarist Damon Bishop and the remarkable musical theatre vocalist Jon Hurley. Together, they create a unique blend of groove-based metal and rock, combining a foundation of honest 1990s influences with their signature sound. Carbon Black’s lineup includes Jonathan Hurley on vocals, Steve Giles on drums and percussion, Rob Giles on bass guitar, and Damon Bishop on guitar. The band’s blend of social and political commentary and a lot of heart has earned them a loyal following and critical acclaim.