August 3, 2023

Finnish Goth Rockers LAMORI Releases New Single and Lyric Video for “Never Alone”


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Acclaimed rock dark metal band LAMORI is set to enthrall fans once again with the release of their latest single and accompanying lyric video, “Never Alone.” The track, which offers a unique blend of haunting romanticism and dystopian science fiction, serves as a precursor to their highly anticipated album, “NEON BLOOD FIRE.” “Never Alone” transports listeners to a near-future world teetering on the edge of self-destruction, where two lovers dare to face the chaos surrounding them and unearth the chilling secrets of their own existence. Against the backdrop of a dying sun, they cling to the enigmatic cyber-legend known as The Athanasia Project. The track’s compelling narrative weaves a tragic tale of love and loss, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who dare to venture into LAMORI’s dark and enchanting realm. LAMORI’s band members, including Matias Juselius (vocals), Marcus Pellas (guitar), Mikael Westerlund (bass), Jens Wickholm (keys), and Emanuel Sanchez (drums), have poured their artistic vision into “Never Alone.” Demonstrating their versatility, the band chose to include a slightly softer song within their repertoire of hard-hitting bangers, a tradition they’ve maintained across their previous albums. “Never Alone” seamlessly blends heartfelt emotions with a powerful musicality, culminating in a bridge that delivers an intense punch, emblematic of LAMORI’s signature style.