September 15, 2023

Swedish Thrash/Death Metal Trio Unfair Fate Unveils Intense “Confrontation” Official Video


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Swedish relentless thrash/death metal trio Unfair Fate is proud to release their latest official video, “Confrontation.” The band stated: “When making this video for Confrontation from our latest album “Into the Abyss” we wanted to step out of our comfort zone and make it in a style that we hadn’t tried before and see if we could take a heavy song and make a video that is more of a comedy sketch than a typical death metal video. The result is a strange narrative about getting revenge on someone who has disrespected you, confronting them, and settling the score.” Get ready for a ferocious journey through Unfair Fate’s music. These lyrics paint a vivid picture of raw emotions, fierce determination, and an unstoppable pursuit of justice. Join them as they explore the depths of anger and retribution through their song. It’s a powerful experience you won’t want to miss!