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Release Date: June 17, 2022


“War of the Worlds”

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“War Of The Worlds” Album Music inspiration :
My inspiration is in epic orchestral music like movie or game soundtracks for example – Two steps from hell, Audiomachine, Hans Zimmer, Ivan Torrent, etc. I was fascinated by Evanescence, Nightwish, Within Temptation, and Epica because they connected the orchestras and the metal elements and I liked that. So I knew I wanted to play symphonic metal but more symphonic, more like epic orchestral metal, so every instrument like guitars, drums, and also vocals are composed on the orchestral base, not the opposite.

Concept :
Everyone was asking us “what does AFTER EVOLUTION mean?” and I didn’t know why they are asking me that to be honest bcs I have never seen asking someone Nightwish what their name means. But I told myself „okay, I will give my band the meaning“ and I created a whole story about who we are and what is our music about. I love fantasy stories and most of the time I am in clouds with my head so why not. So I started to create a storyboard and slowly connect the story with the music.

Development :
I created whole the story in about 2 weeks and then the music work was next on the list, so I separated the parts of the story into 11 sections to create 11 music parts for the album. I stopped at each section and imagined the feelings of the main character, the environment, and what is happening and I tried to feel everything as if I was there to match the music and orchestras with that feeling of the story. When I created the orchestras I had already in my head the melody of the vocals and some idea of how the guitars and drums should sound. When that was ready I came back to the paper sheet where I have written what is this part about and I started with writing the lyrics. It is my favorite part because I love writing in contrasts if it is possible and some poetic riddles to think about for example: „red roses are falling on the cold white snow“ means in my style of writing: falling blood on the ground – I love making that kind of texts if I have a space for that. Some texts are just describing what is happening and the story and some are more poetic, it depends on the mood of the song. So that is how I am developing and making the music and its concept.