Anthem of Sickness

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Release Date: September 14, 2015


Through the Eyes of a Glorious Raven

A.o.S a.k.a Anthem of Sickness, it’s basically the best description of the intentions of the band. Making an anthem to the sickness, without hope, without faith, without a guideline. Nihilism in form of music. The project was conceived by the minds of Bertuzz (vox) and L (drums) in 2011. In 2012 Dave (bass), Imperial and Rassa (guitars) were recruited and the band became an actual, real and breathing thing. In 2013 began the recordings for the debut EP. After Rassa and Imperial were dismissed from the project, A.o.S continues their work on the recordings as a trio. As soon as the EP was finished, Bertuzz contacted Worm (the actual manager of Underwell, the other project of Dave and Bertuzz) who offers him a deal with his label WormHole Death. In the meantime Daniel (the new Underwell singer) joins the party as the only guitarist. The EP “Through the eyes of a glorious raven” is expected in early 2014.