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Release Date: August 28, 2015


Scum Of The Earth

Format: Cd and Digital

Style: Blackened Death Metal

Claymords is a three piece metal band from Norway started in year 1993. They released to this day one Ep and two long play albums. “Scum Of The Earth” is their last one and it was published in May of 2013. Claymords are playing brutal, sick and interesting mixture of metal carnage, they taking influences from especially death metal as well as from black, thrash and even traditional heavy metal. Music on this record is really well developed, we can find here a lot of great guitar riffs, good driving and aggressive rhythm section and different types of vocals, from murdered growls to possessed screams. Every song on this album contains elements of various types of metal. Crushing death metal parts moving to bleak and dark paths of black metal madness with some moshing mid tempo thrash and crazy solos, creating twisted, uncompromising chaos of sound. Everything is curiously arranged and produced so all fans of blasphemous music will not be disappointed.