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Release Date: February 25, 2022


“In Existence”

The work on the new Hok-key album “IN EXISTENCE” was going on in the times of troubles. Watching the madness around the world, living in the era of a pandemic that claims an unimaginable number of lives every day, and, as a result, witnessing world economic and political upheavals, it was decided to deviate a little bit from the Belarusian concept of the band. We have created an experimental album focusing on global problems of humanity. So, the idea of “seven elements” given to mankind to build a paradise arose from observations and philosophical reflections. Each song describes one of the elements. In addition to the basic four (fire, earth, water, air) we have also highlighted mind, love and life as the greatest gifts that humanity has ever had. It seems that a human being has received everything necessary for a wonderful future, but what do we see now? We find ourselves incapable of using these gifts, we behave like little children playing with matches without understanding the catastrophic consequences of our behavior! The final song “Summatim ” is a kind of indication of the sad outcome for humanity if it does not reconsider its attitude towards those gifts…
The gifts we’re given could be used
To build the Paradise,
But, well, we still ignite the fuse
And pay the overprice…