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Release Date: August 28, 2015


Plan Your Rebirth

Format: Cd and Digital

Style: Crossover

2010 World crisis, famine, war, riots. The world is totally on the verge of collapse facing the end of this system, for all of those who care to lift their eyes to see. Meanwhile the world elite that retains the economic power struggles to defend the system through media campaigns, deceptions and factitious power games. All creative minds cannot afford to stand aside. Among them UNDERWELL, used to fighting ever since, write an album which delivers a clear message: the system must fall, be destroyed, so that a better one can be built. Before destruction, though, it is necessary to plan a social and spiritual rebirth able to set mankind free of the yokes of these darkest of days. Driven by this vocation, Marshmallow (Vocals), Theo (Guitars), Bertuzz (Guitars), Dave (Bass) e Tiaz (Drums) put themselves at the forefront with “Plan Your Rebirth”, an album about a new society which leaves behind past clichés. The new sounds are already included in the project of the rebirth. Now all that’s left is beating down the walls that close us in and keep us from building our future world.