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Release Date: August 5, 2015


Requiem for a Prayer

Format: Cd and Digital

Style: Death Metal

V.I.L. Was Born in mid- 2011 at the mountains of Alicante by D.Boix Jorge M. and Kike A; members who were active after Groove Metal’s band Vil Vituperio dissapears. This band had been dedicated exclusively to live shows, engaging in small festivals as Amun Xtreem Session, Where is My Microphone Fest or the first Max Matanza Feast.
After the dissolution of the previous band , and after applying some changes as a transition towards a Death/Grind style, in Autumn 2011 Xavier P. joins V.I.L. with his voice. From that moment are dedicating to live shows, sharing tables with groups like Nibiru, Terrorifik Show, azoemia , Tu Carne , Tanatossis , Vladek , Malroïn … And participating in the first “Dark Fest” in Alicante. In late 2012 , Xavier left the band, and in early 2013 Juanmi (Ex- Gothmog ) joins Voice, giving to their sound a great power and personality. Give V.I.L. This Meaning: Aggression , Power and corrosion . V.I.L. has participated in various tributes to bands from around the world, as tributes to: “Tu Carne” (2012), “Brutal Truth” (2013 ), “Vomitory ” (2014) and “Dead Infection” (2014 ). They also participated in the “Spain Death Metal Fest IV” and given numerous live shows with bands like: Nibiru, Disgorge ( USA), Parafilia , Carolanne, Dark Confessions, Oniricous, Scent of Death, Carnivore Diprosopus ( Col), Sinister ( Hol), Devouring, Abÿfs, Anthropomorphic. [In Mute], and more. Since 2014, V.I.L. Takes much more serious character , recording their first CD “Requiem for a Prayer” in NOVOESTUDIOS (Valencia ) and working with Jose Luis Hervas in the first video of the band, ” My Forgiveness” . That same year, the band reached the finals of “Hell and Heaven Metal Battle” and the mythical “W O:A Metal Battle Spain”, Fighting with some of the best emerging national . Now, V.I.L. Are on the road, giving live shows introducing their new CD, composing new songs and searching for more and more dates while they work in the future projects of the band. They are hungry, and they would to eat the silence with their noise!!