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Wormholedeath Films is our division dedicated to the production of films, short movies and music videos. Our preferred genres are Music Related Films, Horror/Thriller, Religion Related Movies / Documentary. After the huge success of first film production “A Passage Through The Purity Of Pain” directed by fetish queen Susi Medusa Gottardi (Private / Showtime) the company is now embarking on new productions during the coming years. VISIT OUR WEBSTORE: HERE.




SteveDrakos0068smallA passage through the purity of pain” is a 30 minutes film released by Susi Medusa Gottardi. The narrative is presented as documentary of a true scary event.
The film relates the story of four musicians who hike into the dark forest near Prague to perform a strange religious ritual and find an old tape recorder in a black house. This tape recorder contains recordings of a suffering voice. After further research the band find out that the “dream” has just begun and that everything has a deep religious meaning. After that incredible event the four guys     decided to write an album and use the voices found on the recorder as main vocals in the songs.

The film is produced by Wormholedeath records and Image Cult Films production company.

SteveDrakos0145 smallWritten and Directed by SUSI MEDUSA GOTTARDI. “Thirty minutes of brutal romantic atmosphere created by Susi Medusa Gottardi. This film relates the story of a true scary event experienced by a band of young extremists of the cross: THE WAY OF PURITY. The four members of this band are musicians united in faith through a blood pact, they have a higher religious mission and are in contrast with their manager: in a moment of very strong emotional tension they are guided, apparently by chance, into a black house inside the dark forests of Bohemia where they find an old tape recorder that contains the harsh, screaming lyrics of a suffering female voice that causes them insane visions of blood and martyrdom. After further research the band finds out that what happened to them has a powerful religious meaning: as this is the voice of a girl’s spiritual purity, recorded while she was taking her own life in the name of God back in 1972. Deeply moved by all this, they decided to compose the album “Crosscore” using the voices found on the recorder as main vocals in the songs. Featuring young actress Lena and Steve J. from DerDRAKOS.”

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The Nightstalker Case : Found footage

A Steve Fabry Film

This movie is the video recording of the researchs undertaken by three friends on what sounded like an urban legend. A furtive appearance has brought them on the traces of seemingly supernatural figures. The more their existence comes clearer, the more the mystery surrounding thickens. The obstinacy of the three friends seems to lead them to an inexorable ending. Movie Gallery (Stills)


All begins with the discovery of a young man’s corpse in Natural City. Sergeant Patrick Matennen arrives first on the crime scene. He picks up a camera near the body and decides to watch the whole recording in order to understand what has happened. Michel Garsou buys an action-camera and is witnessing a strange murder. The latter contacts one of his friends who has been investigating for some time on the mysterious appearance of a nocturnal protector in their hometown. Together, they exploit all possible tracks to find any information. From there, events move fast. In spite of himself, Michel is dragged into this dangerous investigation.

Around the Nightstalker The story of the movie : « The Nightstalker case : found footage » begins with the music band : Sercati, created in 2009 under Wormholedeath records. The band is composed by Steve Fabry – Yannick Martin and Simon Charlier. In the lyrics, the band tells the story of the Nightstalker, an angel who decided to descent on Earth to help Mankind. He will have to face disappointments and discoveries but also to find his niche amongst men, to understand them and understand himself. He discovers the share of kindness in them but also the suffering many feel. The angel feels a profound imbalance between good and evil. This awakening pushes him to help humanity in its search of balance. The band tells the story in 3 LP and 1 EP for now.
But the main character took another dimension when Steve started writing a book about him. « Le journal du Nighstalker » (the first part was released 9 september 2017 under Le monde des étoiles éditions). He felt it’s not possible to tell the whole story through the band’s songs, there was too much to explain. After that, Steve had in mind to make in video his character. And it’s begun with a first short movie called “Poisoned Hunting”
Later a first clip was made for the promotion of the Sercati’s EP : In the shadows of sidewalks.
The clip « The Anesthetist » was a good experience and gave motivation to try new stuffs. Then another video with the Nightstalker and a toy box was created.
The universe of the Nightstalker is now spreading on different kind of medias : Music – book –video.




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