Wormholedeath continues to expand its global investment and marketing platform with the opening of a Japanese division with office in Tokyo, the new office in Los Angeles and its nordic division in Norway (Fredrikstad). The new offices, which represent Wormholdeath’s Japanese, American and Nordic capacities, will allow the company to provide direct services to its existing artists and extend its network of partners in these important markets.

Wormholedeath Japan

The Tokyo office is headed by Mr Masa Kishimoto, expert in Asian music market who has extensive experience in the Japanese music business, most recent with Shinko Music Entertainment Inc, Hydrant Music, Bit Organization Inc. and Teichiku Entertainment Inc.

The extension of Wormholedeath’s operations in Japan follows the label’s expansion in Europe and recent partnerships for booking of concerts and north American alliances.

Masa Kishimoto stated : “I have never worked with the such a professional record label before. I am also 100% sure the label has great potential for Japanese market. I am very excited about introducing many good bands from the label in Japan. We operate digital download, physical distribution, sub-publishing, promotion, marketing and concert booking for the Japan. I am very proud to start the Japanese division of this label. More detailed information will be announced very soon. Let’s RooocK!!!!

Wormholedeath’s A&R and label manager “WORM” stated: “When I first co-ordinated with Masa in Japan I understood Masa’s professionalism and veracity. I definitely thought that proposing he start our Japanese division would be one of the best chances ever to unleash our releases in this big, interesting and crowded island! We both decided to sign the deal immediately since we like each other and we share musical and business visions. We have been working hard, closely, to make sure that our artists will get what they deserve in this key market. We are so proud and I am sure that this partnershit will lead us to great goals and achievements…Hohayo!”


Wormholedeath Nordic

Wormholedeath er et plate-, publishing- og filmproduksjonsselskap som så dagens lys for 7 år siden. Selskapet distribueres på verdensbasis av Aural Music Group, publishingen administreres av Warner/Chappell Music gjennom en verdensomspennende avtale og digital distribusjon/markedsføring gjøres internasjonalt av det amerikanske selskapet The Orchard Inc. Wormholedeath står bak mange kritikerroste utgivelser (over 80). Wormholedeath signerte band som The Way Of Purity, Phaze I (med trommeslageren fra Soilwork) og oppdaget talentfulle nykommere som Mechanical God Creation, Levania, Crysalys, Underwell, Agharti, Right To The Void, Azylya og Lightless Moor blant mange andre.

I 2010 produserte Wormholedeath den nye filmen til fetishdronningen Susi Medusa Gottardi (Private/Showtime) med tittelen «A Passage Through the Purity of Pain». Publishingartister inkluderer Cadaveria, Ashes To Ashes og Stamina, for å nevne noen. I tillegg har Wormholedeath signert de japanske legendene Youthquake (med ex-medlemmer fra bandet Japan) og viktige avtaler ble gjort i Japan med selskaper som Shinko Music Group, Rubicon Music og Media Factory. Dette førte til at Wormholedeath åpnet sin avdeling i Tokyo, Japan, som blir styrt av Masahiko Kishimoto. Wormholedeath fokuserer hovedsakelig på moderne metal, hardcore, mainstream/alternativ metal og heavyrock.

Wormholedeath fortsetter å utvide sin globale investerings- og markedsføringsplattform gjennom å åpne en Nordisk avdeling med base i Fredrikstad, Norge. Den nye avdelingen som representerer foretakets første nordiske ressurs setter oss i stand til å tilby direkte service overfor eksisterende artister og utvide nettverket vårt av partnere i dette viktige markedet. Den nordiske avdelingen (med ansvar for Norge, Sverige, Danmark, Finland og Island) blir administrert av Thomas Hansen, som har erfaring fra musikkbransjen både som musiker, kritiker og uavhengig plateselskapsmann. Nå for tiden spiller han i bandene Ragnarok og Images At Twilight. Utvidelsen av Wormholedeaths aktiviteter i Norden er i tråd med selskapets utvidelse i Europa og Japan. For å feire denne begivenheten vil Wormholedeath Nordic gi ut hele backkatalogen i de Nordiske landene samt en labelsampler.


Wormholedeath Usa

Wormholedeath is pleased to announce the launch of our first office in the USA. The new office, based in Los Angeles, will improve our ability to support our growing catalogue and activities in the United States. The new North American office is now fully active and will provide a full range of services and support capabilities to our Publishing Division and to our label Wormholedeath.

Carlo Bellotti stated: Having an operation within the United States will make us increasingly effective and responsive to the American market’s requirements and enables us to give even stronger support to our artists and labels. Over many years our company has built up an impressive business throughout Europe and Japan, now it’s time to develop our strategic vision further in America to be complete. By opening our new North America support operation, we are re-emphasizing Wormholedeath’s commitment to the market and our desire to grow.

Wormholedeath USA is the US extension of the growing firm that first started in Florence, Italy. We specialize in music production and music publishing, and occasionally venture into other various fields and markets, such as filmed entertainment.